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12/12/17 at 11:52am
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Timing a Cuyuna engine (Read 1589 times)
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01/13/03 at 12:44pm
I'm sure alot of you guys have worked on the cuyna engines.  Anyone got any tips for an easy way to set the timing on these?
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P.J. Wilkinson
2225 Fairmount Ct.
Bloomington, In 47401
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Reply #1 - 01/16/04 at 9:23pm
Not like a Rotax at all.  You have to use a dial indicator on the pto side. Disconnect wires going to coils and put ohmmeter to it.  Rotate engine counterclockwise until points are on teh high side of cam on no. 1 cyl. gap to .015

You may have to make gap smaller to get adjustment on other set of points.

rotate flywheel counterclock to TDC. Adjust meter to RX1.  Meter needle will indicate a closed circuit.  Move weights to full advanced.  I use a piece of solder to hold it advanced. Rotate engine back again to between .102 and .112.  Needle on meter will move left as circuit is open.

Repeat procedure with other cyl.  You may have to fuss.  Don't forget to isolate the other set of points with paper or something so you can get a reading.

Nova Scotia

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W. A. Montgomery
Annapolis Nova Scotia
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