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11/17/17 at 3:31pm
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Fiberglass Hygiene (Read 625 times)
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02/08/11 at 10:10am
I used to work with a lot of 'glass & learned a few tips along the way.

Invest in a box of cheap latex gloves. Keeps your hands free of resin and I also use them when grinding. Wear a long sleeve shirt that goes over the cuff of the glove. Run a few rounds of masking tape around the cuff & it seals out most of the 'glass dust when you are grinding. Keeps it from getting in the sleeve & rubbing back & forth.

'Glass dust doesn't bother my skin too bad but some people are really sensitive to it. Get a couple of those cheap, throw away paint suits from the auto parts store. Put them on with the gloves & tape em up. Keeps 90% of the dust off you. It helps keep the dust from getting in your laundry & getting on other family members clothes too.

Wear at minimum a dust mask or paint respirator. That dust is something you don't want in your lungs

Safety glasses go without saying.

When it comes time to hit the shower, let the water do most of the work. Let it run for a few minutes to rinse the majority off without scrubbing. Keeps the 'glass from getting imbedded in the washcloth. And when you do scrub, only do it in one direction, down. Don't scrub back & forth. It can rub it in & irritate the skin.

Use lotion to keep you hands moisturized. Anytime you're around paint & chemicals, it has a tendancy to dry out your hands. The ideal situation is to keep exposure to a minimum but we all know it happens. Paint, resin, & filler like to stick to dry hands. If you keep them in good shape, clean-up is much easier.

Working with 'glass isn't exactly fun but this can make it a little more tolerable.
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Reply #1 - 03/24/15 at 4:39pm
I found that cold showers work better than warm to reduce fibreglass irritation. Warm water opens up the pores in your skin, allowing the glass particles to enter more easily.
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